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NIDAL & ANIS s.r.o.
We have started our business in 1996 as a medical and service provider in the West Bohemian healing centers like Jáchymov and Karlovy Vary. ​We are cooperating with individuals and travel agencies from the Middle eastern countries to provide the most suitable service for the guests, wo are traveling to Czech republic. We are able to arrange the service for each individual to have the opportunity to spend your time in Czech republic as pleasantly as possible.
Karlovy Vary and Jáchymov are well known and destination for guests from Middle east, Russia, Germany and other regions. The Jáchymov center is an only radon spa center here in Europe with a sygnificant impact on the locomotor system. Karlovy Vary and their hot springs drinking cure is the biggest and most famous spa town in Europe with fairly good results in digestive track healing and body weight management.


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